Reviews El Macho

  • Reto
    The feeling when you mentally want sex, but not physically, will stay with me forever. It was so scary, but embarrassing. But I'm glad my wife supported me, helped me, to gather strength, and then go to the doctor. Fortunately, the process is reversible using a drop of el macho I fully regain sexual function.
  • David
    I noticed that the erections were weak, it didn't happen immediately, as before, and that something happened, it was necessary to try fairly. In general, to the point that the erection of the during sexual intercourse, or simply not come. I then decided to look for some pathogens. I read to drop El Macho natural composition, and the health damage they will bring, so this medication has become the ideal, like a doctor not talked to. Almost after the first potency was the same as the young.
  • Andrea
    The husband, a remarkable recovery, and more - have increased the weight, the less the sex was. At some point intimacy is completely gone from our lives. To me, this situation does not comply, but the doctor the husband to go categorically refused. I decided to visit a specialist, he advised me to drop El Macho. Thanks for this the drug is now in the bed is always as if yesterday we were married.
  • David
    I met a new girl, who I liked, so much so that before the first sexual intimacy is not experienced as a child. Usually, because it's already failed. Given a second chance, but the first mistake was in my head, again nothing happened. I was so nervous this earth, that I was afraid to try something. General to the specialist. The doctor suggested me to use the drops el machowhich caused me to feel myself like a real man. Now in bed we have no problems.
  • Sara
    I noticed that the husband was, like me, avoiding intimacy: he's early, he's tired, my head hurts. Well, I immediately figured out what was wrong. Share with your friends the problem, he said, el macho – my husband was prescribed these drops the doctor. Well, I bought them gave to the husband under the guise of a remedy for headache, when again a reason not to have sex. Dose I poured a double, so the sex happened that night. I told my husband the medicine, drank a drop of the whole course. Now, here in the bed, like heaven.
Reviews El Macho