Instructions for use El Macho

How to apply drop Macho

This tool is available in the form of drops. Bottle with convenient dispenser-pipette, therefore, to determine the dosage very easily. Also the glass is small, so can be done anywhere.

How to take El Macho

In accordance with the manual drops El Macho you need to be different system:

  • General strengthening treatment you need to drink 2-3 drops, added to tea or a glass of warm water; use twice daily for 2 weeks and then a break for 1 week.
  • To strengthen the erection, length of sexual intercourse before the preliminary caresses, you need to drink 5 drops of 20 minutes before the expected intimacy.

Indications, contraindications El Macho

Drop El Macho it is recommended that the boys and men who have such problems:

  • disrupted erectile function;
  • weak libido;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • the problem with the natural fertilization;
  • the infectious diseases of the urogenital system.

Furthermore, this drug helps men who have heavy physical activity, professional sport, active muscle growth. The main unquestionable advantage of these drops compared to steroids, the reception was not addictive, had no effect on the hormones.

The drug is not contraindicated, side-effects, so people of any age, any physical condition. The exceptions are men who have individual intolerance to any component of the drops El Macho or chronic disease of the cardiovascular system. Note: this drug as well as alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.