The reasons for decreased male potency

Courage, strength, reliability, trust, so that you can write is endless. All these properties are characteristic of a strong half of humanity — men. Always unwavering, like the Olympic gods are the real men of this day the object of desire of the women. Each is unique, special, not like the others, but there is a common problem that unites almost every person on the planet, – to reduce the efficiency.

decreased potency

Dysfunction of the penis, because of the different psychological disorders of the men. This is strongly influenced by the processes of life often leads to problems in my personal life and my work. Some people don't even know why such disorder, as the reduced potency by touching them, and then begins to go within to find the answer. Some, like nothing happened.

Male potency, as well as the characteristics of

The main feature of the sexual potential of the men, that is the biggest thrill need to mentally tune in to the sex. Emotional, spiritual peace, contribute to the quality, long-lasting erection for full sexual intercourse. The sexual activity of the men is dependent on processes in the body, which are responsible for the production of testosterone. This is the level of this hormone in the blood, the male determines the activity of the bed. Some scientists assume that the man's body was a definite limit to the number of sex life. This is in part considered to be true, as noted, that men are a bright, periodic and frequent sexual problems potency start earlier than men my whole life, rational use of the sexual performance, and did not show excessive activity, self, or Ego gratification.

What is the reason for the man power is reduced

Years passed, and with them the sexual activity. Begin to have health problems impact of the violent youth. After the third dozen of testosterone start to produce, smaller portions, and this fact is the main reason for the decrease in efficiency. Therefore, the number of sexual contacts is reduced. Most men start to worry, because it is, panic, depression, and worry. In all such cases, you need to be a specialist who can figure out what's causing it, or prescribe the necessary treatment.

The same harmful to the potency can be influenced by the unhealthy lifestyle that was led by a man. An unlimited number of drunk alcohol, used cigarettes or hamburgers and fries – another reason for the decreased potency in men. Sedentary not fans of the sport and active leisure is also threatened by reduced potency at an early age. If someone carelessly to the body, then starts to error and lose the activity before the selected nature of the term.

Risk groups

There is a certain factor and the main reason to trigger an early losing the sexual potential of men. Risk of developing erectile dysfunction can be:

  • The men who are diagnosed with diseases of the genital organs, which affect the quality of erection.
  • The residents of the area that you have problems with the ecology, as men, to work in the dangerous plants, industrial plants.
  • The victim's constant mental pressure, who are constantly in a stressful situation it is a moral, psychological trauma.
  • Supporters of passive as well as sedentary lifestyle.
  • Regular visitors to fast food restaurant, lovers of the semi-finished and other not healthy food in unlimited quantities.
  • Even at reduced potency affected by venereal disease, which was a sick man, there are also other diseases of the penis, which was neglected or not cured.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or other harmful drugs, because violations, and potency problems, disease of the penis, and other organs. Severely weakens the immune system, as well as harmful factors a full erection.
  • Disorders or diseases of the endocrine system, which can cause problems with hormone production in men.

Drugs to bring men's sexual activity

how to increase the potency

The reasons for the decline in the potency of different treatment methods. All people understand, remember that if there was a problem that the activity of the penis, it is necessary to define the reasons for which appeared in a man's life. You need to urgently investigate the doctor. The specialist will prescribe the necessary tests and procedures, which shall specify the reasons and I started having the problems with potency.

The first is that you need to change your life. Say goodbye to unhealthy food, soda, a favorite couch, as well as other harmful foods, manners, behavior. Balance the diet and a greater quantity of vegetables and fruit in your diet to replenish the body of vital vitamins, fibers. The nature-rich foods (aphrodisiac), that's a good influence on your efficiency as well as contribute to the quality of education in the erection. For example: parsley, mint, walnuts, sesame seeds, honey, seeds, avocado, dried fruit, dairy products, chocolate, oysters, strawberries, etc.

Reduces the psychological load again, and a lot of stress. Put in order the nerves and psyche, yet you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of full intercourse and improve the quality of life. Diseases, and other diseases of the internal organs, the endocrine system, to healing, to normal functioning of the body.

In addition to the natural factors which help to solve problems of potency, there are also medical assistants that will restore the strength of the penis and improve the quality of sexual life. These drugs in pharmacies are sold in various forms (tablets, suppositories, ointments), as well as your own characteristics.