To increase the efficiency before the law?

Modern medicine is the concept of potency: the desire to be able to commit complete sexual intercourse. This man is a phenomenon characterized by a certain feeling, the excitement, the tension, the penis, speed of emergence of an erection, and duration of the relationship. Under the influence of certain factors potency usually weaken, which is not very nice all modern people. The urgency of the problem, how quickly to increase the efficiency, especially if you will be to the partner borul.De a lot of solutions.This is especially the integrated approach which is consistent with the several rules, conditions and the restoration.

Timely and qualitative treatment of neurological, hormonal, vascular diseases, it is guaranteed that it allows the person to feel the height in every situation. If the cause of the significant weakening of erection of the excitement, some experience, and the fatigue, then use the tips below.

Light exercise

Quite often, because the deterioration of the reproductive system, weakening of potency or stagnant phenomena in the pelvis. To correct this situation, you need to give a massage, a daily schedule at least a minimum amount of exercise. This is necessary in order to quickly disperse the blood, thereby because the reproductive system function at full strength.

It is not necessary to buy an expensive gym membership, just that every day to perform the exercises, which help to quickly increase the potential. It's possible that before the law is another question. Departure:

  1. Arch. In the supine position, pelvis raised, but the shoulders are not lifted off the ground
  2. Rotate. Feet shoulder width apart. Pool are made in a circular motion, the maximum amplitude
  3. Squats. Feet located in the shoulder width. The squat is done on the exhale, then back to the starting position in the air

After these exercises significantly improves the circulation in the pool, automatically improves the genital organs. The benefits to exercise is the ability to not only improve the blood circulation, but also boost your mood, relieve stress, easy diseases, drowsiness. This is important because an error in the potency often, stress or mental overload.

Swimming, Running, volleyball, tennis - these objects are able to restore the body after stress, and then quickly back to the potential.

immediate increase in potency

The proper nutrition

The consumption of food improves the efficiency as well as effectively heal the reproductive system in men. There are certain products which can be used directly before intercourse, thus ensuring the blood flow to the genitals. This product, a lot of protein, plant or animal origin. The diet should include foods such as legumes, soy, lean meat, fish. Very useful to eat seafood, which saturated the body with the beneficial microorganisms. Products like nuts, honey, this is indisputable potency increase.

There are products, which have a beneficial effect on the body, but there are those which have the opposite effect. During the process of sexual intercourse not to deal with certain problems, it is necessary to leave such products as:

  • Mayonnaise, ketchup
  • Smoked, pickles
  • Sausage, sausage
  • The different semi-finished products, fast food
  • Carbonated, alcoholic beverages in large quantities

If you follow these rules, your power, don't consume unhealthy foods and contribute to the diet is useful not only to quickly get back the efficiency, but also to prevent the emergence of problems in the sexual sphere.

Healthy shakes, drinks the potency

If appropriate, suitable food, not to mention some healthy smoothies after cooking and eating, where you feel the quick increase of the potential. These drinks are the parts that are designed to increase the production of testosterone in the blood. Drunk cocktail gives a boost to the male body, the entire reproductive system as a whole. Here are a few beverages which may play a role in the rescue of the men in front of the love night:

  1. A glass of tomato juice, three quail eggs, a little pepper, salt
  2. Lemon, 100 g of honey and 5-6 stuff is nuts
  3. Sour cream beer 500 ml or 100 g sour cream
  4. 50 ml of cognac, 200 ml of Cola, and a tablespoon of lemon

If you combine these drinks with a light meal, not greasy foods, you can count on fast inflow of blood to the genitals, and will automatically increase the potential. Optimally suitable for an easy salad, vegetables, vegetables, you can add different spices, a small amount of cheese. Healthy smoothies can be used as a dessert with a small amount of alcohol.

Light exercise

Most popular recipes

Quickly and efficiently increase efficiency, and stimulate your sexual desire, you don't have to the chemist to buy the medicines. You can use traditional recovery methods. In addition to the low cost here we can note absence of side effects, which are the recipes of traditional medicine. Preparation of home remedies in different ways, but there is one important rule - composition of the preparation is necessary, just the glass, or enameled bowl.

It is very popular among men experiencing problems with potency, enjoy special citrus-ginger infusion. Prepare, then do the following:

  1. Crushed 100 g ginger root
  2. The product mix of the enthusiasm of three grapefruit
  3. The mixture is poured into 500 ml of vodka
  4. Mix everything thoroughly
  5. The device is left in a dark place for a week

7 days after the infusion, the assets received should be taken of the 2. table spoons about an hour after a meal.

Another unique means to increase the efficiency of the vodka tincture in the pine nuts. Making this drug simply. You need to clean, 5 tablespoons of peanuts, mix them in a dark tank with three spoon of honey is very liquid. All are filled with vodka in the quantity of 500 ml, and then approximately a month left in a dark place. After insisting that the product is 2 tablespoons three times a day. Before use, the infusion it is desirable to stir.

Means that made for a long time, but there is a positive effect of the application immediately after. If at least once there is a problem with potency, you can purchase a pharmaceutical drug use, while the infused drug. In any case, delay the treatment is not worth it, because the sooner the problem is found, the higher positive results can be achieved.

Healthy shakes, drinks the potency

The advantage of the quick stay

I'm sure that the next night your love has brought only positive emotions, you need to find the opportunity to not only make certain drugs, and money, but also to make a little time for a short vacation. As you can see, the complete healing and the "reset" quite a day for about 10-15 minutes during sleep. This is an ideal opportunity to maintain a high level of health and physical activity of the men.

Here it is necessary to ensure that the living room of SLEEP did not exceed 20 minutes, until you can achieve the opposite result. To prevent this, you just need to set the alarm clock.

Adequate Sleep will be possible to compare the present meditation, a moment to increase your efficiency . For the reason that time, that day, the dream gave me a little to finally a few rules for a quick sleep. Need to close my eyes, a towel, or a special mask to align the breath, relax your body, step by step. Beginning it's hard to sleep and even more sleep for 20 minutes, but then this is the method the rest will become a habit.

Appropriate short sleep, a mental break that allows you to quickly remove all emotional clips, tense. The received energy can be used not only to increase productivity but also improve the overall reproductive potential. Accordingly, it is possible to solve the question of how fast you increase your potential.

It is important that Dating left a couple of hours, then it would be good to know how fast you increase the efficiency? In the video I tell you how simple, effective, how to improve erectile function.

Most popular recipes


Question for the weakening of potency, interested a large number of people in different age groups. If there are problems, the modern man begins to treat the question of how to increase the efficiency. The despair is not worth it, since there is a relatively wide range of medicines and traditional medicine.

Don't forget to cure the problem frustrating and costly in time, resources, and therefore special attention should be paid to the special preventive measures. Don't forget that the reproductive system works at full power only a completely healthy body. It is important to give up various bad habits and the maximum healthy, active, relaxed lifestyle.