Folk remedies to increase potency in men: methods, recipes

Folk remedy to increase the efficiency of the men can also help overcome erectile dysfunction, prostate. They also stimulates the production of testosterone, which is especially important after the "male menopause". Similar recipes are the women, it helps to overcome the inflammation to normalize the synthesis of estrogen.

how to increase the potency at home

Male potency

To increase male potency the elderly, the children, the youth, need a large amount of nutrients. To ensure the man's body vitamins, minerals, which are best suited to folk ways. To increase the man power, the following mineral substances:

  • Zinc;
  • Selenium;
  • The Chrome;
  • Magnesium;
  • The B-vitamins;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Vitamin A;
  • E-Vitamin.

Because of the high level, the traditional medicine turns out to achieve the following effects:

  • The increase in testosterone;
  • Improvement of the blood circulation;
  • Prevention of inflammatory processes, swelling;
  • Improved the nutrition of the tissues of the sex organs in the male;
  • The energy required for high efficiency.

Together, these effects are to strong, stable erection. Back to the man in the sexual desire, the desire, the sex of the woman.

Rarely can be called traditional methods of fast. Increased potency folk remedy to 3 days of production will be difficult. You need a longer course of treatment. After all, the folk medicine mainly includes natural ingredients. Help immediately, but the effect is much more stable than the stimulant tablets.


One of the most useful, men's products, a pumpkin. The greatest benefit to the form of pumpkin juice, fresh, not subjected to heat treatment the seeds.

The mango contains high amounts of zinc. This element is necessary for the male body to the large quantities of testosterone. Which is especially important if the person is elderly.

And fatty acids to help representatives of the stronger of all ages. After all, the prostate is the modern day much younger, as well as omega-3, is the best prevention.

We have two special recipe known among the Russian folk methods:

  • Balls of pumpkin with honey. Download the meat grinder 0.5 kg fresh seeds, not toasted. Add a glass of fat heart to see tight balls with a diameter of 10 mm. In the morning, eat two or three of these vitamins. The main thing in the recipe to properly clean themselves. If you remove the shell, leave the site of a thin film, and more everything you need to the potency of the micronutrients;
  • Again, the noise -cleaned the same method you're in a meat grinder. The shape of the obtained pellets, and then bake, not dry and hard. This delicious, easy dessert tea. Especially if at the end of cooking, add honey.
you potency


This plant doesn't always hit the spot. However, it is very useful to enhance male potency. In particular, a big source of the nutrients contained in the roots of celery. The stems of the desired trace elements a little smaller.

The roots, stalks celery – one of the best ways to quickly increase the potency of men. A glass of fresh celery juice before a law, an intimate, nature will help you to feel more confident.

Try the following folk remedies for the male potency of the celery:

  • Grind the roots, stalks, of celery. Add the chopped carrots, turnips. Mix, pour olive oil, lemon juice, salt should not be added. Use it like a regular salad, tasty, nutritious;
  • The dried celery. Grate to a fine powder. Convenient to use constantly give us food at the same time improves the efficiency;
  • Three roots of the grater. Pack the mixture in two layers of cheesecloth, squeezing the juice. 2 tablespoons a day would be enough to enhance male potency. You can add a little honey, taste better;
  • Finely chop the celery. Add the grapes, chopped walnuts. Dressed with sour cream or other dairy products. A day without harm to the figures can eat in 2 doses, and then quickly back to the potential.


This plant, called botanists "epilobium angustifolium", has long been used in Russian folk medicine. The treatment of male potency are well-suited, leaves, flowers. A light decoction of willow-herb is an excellent replacement for coffee and other tea, which is harmful to the sexual activity of the men.

The following folk remedies to increase potency used fireweed:

  • Tincture. A glass of hot water and a tablespoon of dried fireweed. Close the lid, keep the 20 minutes. Every morning and evening to drink a half Cup of tincture to potency. The course of treatment with this folk method thirty days. Rest as much and, if necessary, repeat;
  • Broth. 2 tablespoons dried plants pour into the pan, pour a glass of water. When the water boils, a weaker heat, cover the lid, a light source of in 15 minutes. Turn off the stove two hours, while the pan closed. Ready soup can drink. The best – 2 tsp three times daily on an empty stomach;
  • Tea to drink. To wash the tea with boiling water. We will need 3 tsp. dry Ivan-tea, and a pitcher of hot water. Brew the tea, but pour not on the total amount of hot water, just a third. 7 minutes, add the remaining hot water, a little beer. This drink can be drunk, high volume, and the potency is restored. To taste add honey, more or less hot water if you like strong or weak tea.
tinctures the potency


Ginger is one of those ingredients that is often used in the folk medicine of the East. This root is excellent to use every day, to enhance the efficiency. Contains important vitamins, minerals, a good masculine power.

You can use the following folk methods, improve the potential for men:

  • Take fresh ginger root, marinade. We will need pounds of the product. Cut the thin slices, having removed shell. Pre-need purchases of Bank capacity of 3 liters, filled with marinade. We need 1.5 cup of rice vinegar, 3 tbsp. spoon sugar. Add water, mix well. Fill the sliced ginger. Seven hours I can eat;
  • This popular method can be used as dried spices, the ginger, the fresh root. Take ginger, honey in the ratio 1:1, mix. A cold place for 15 days. Before you go to sleep, to eat, a couple of spoons. You can use as a useful potency dessert;
  • Grate the fresh ginger rhizome, grated, is the best – not the minimum. Fill out the vodka. Ginger gives a tincture to all nutrients, not earlier than 12 days. After that you should filter the infusion through a sieve. To taste add lemon juice, sugar and a little cinnamon. Before bedtime drink a teaspoon of tincture with water.


Temperament, behavior during intercourse – the women, the question is more complicated than men. If the girl has a weak sexual attraction is not always possible to increase the folk remedy. This is often the moment the women determined by psychological factors, relationships, and circumstances in which there is the sex.

But there are situations when all paired well, the woman, open-minded, love your husband, but libido is reduced. So, this happens during the menopause, or menopause. Or if the woman has a problem with the production of estrogen. You need to take natural substances that increase the levels of the female hormones. It may be necessary natural antioxidants to help in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.


Women have long been known herbal tea as one of the best solution to increase your sexual activity:

  • Grind four tablespoons of parsnip. Mix six teaspoon of sugar, add 300 ml of water. Bring to a boil, cook for approximately quarter-hour. Remove from heat, do not remove the cover, and then keep them like that for four hours. Three times a day drink one tablespoon on an empty stomach;
  • 25 g of Dubrovnik you will need to prepare this folk remedy. Throw it in the pan, where hot 250 ml of water. Cook, but not more than four minutes. Remove the tiles, leave to infuse for 90 minutes. Used three times daily for a few big SIPS, also on an empty stomach;
  • If a woman wants to try this medication, you need to find ten grams of wild Yam. Fit just the rhizome of the plant, which must first be broken. Bring 300 ml water to the boil, and then put it on the weakest fire. Fill the the drug ingredients, hold at this temperature for a quarter of an hour. Remove from heat, cover approximately three hours. Used 100-ml, four times daily.


Folk remedies, this type is also popular among women, as a good source of nutrients:

  • 6 teaspoons of horsetail in 4 – hazel, a pint of hot water. Pour the ingredients, keep them covered for about 90 minutes, filter with cheesecloth. Drink half a Cup twice a day;
  • To choose a pair of leaves, nettle, nettle better. It is easier tolerated by the body, more nutrients. Beer, like tea, a tablespoon of Cup of boiling water. But before use you have to wait half an hour. Take the decoction on an empty stomach;
  • Prepare dried rhizome. We throw boiling water into one tablespoon of a glass of water. After half an hour you can drink, but in small quantities, is — 1/5-Cup. The best to repeat this three times before you sit down;
  • Some of the leaves of the passion flower. Beer them fifteen minutes of filtered tincture. Twice a day drink a tablespoon. The treatment months;
  • Normal motherwort is also useful to normalize the female body. We're going to need a tablespoon of dried plants. Pour the boiled water until the water won't be cold. Filter with cheesecloth or a filter. Drink a throat three times a day;
  • Two tablespoons of st. john's wort, add the Cup of boiling water. Insist 60 minutes, filter. Drink three times a day for 1/5 of the bottle.