Food -to increase the efficiency of the men: healthy foods

Products that increase the efficiency is necessary, if you don't want to base your sexual life expensive drug. There is a perception that all food aphrodisiacs is very expensive. In fact, it's not the main requirement, that food, that it was natural and contained nutrients. In addition, it is important to stop harmful to the potency of products.

products to increase the efficiency

How to choose the products

Food -to increase the efficiency to those of the micro-nutrients they contain. If the products present many vitamins, minerals, acids, then you will have a positive effect on potency. Listed below are the most important substances of the natural products that are beneficial to male potency.


Check that you like to eat, there was a lot of mineral substances, which increase the efficiency and stabilizing the erection of:

  • The zinc. The building blocks of testosterone. Without sufficient zinc, the person is not increase the effectiveness. In addition, a large amount of healthy foods zinc will have a positive impact on the whole system, the male body;
  • Chrome. Help, back to the good blood circulation in the pelvic area, which is necessary for male potency. Products chromium good impact on the condition of the prostate, to improve the work. Food should be taken in the diet to prevent the inflammation;
  • Selenium. It strengthens the blood vessels, the walls, expanding them. But the sexual health of men depends on how well the capillaries in the corpus cavernous of the penis.


We should not forget the fact that the food is healthy, full of vitamins. People:

  • Vitamin C, contributing to the prevention of prostate. It helps the immune system fight infectious pathogens. Male gland needs this vitamin to produce testosterone. In addition, vitamin C is one of the elements which is helpful for good blood circulation;
  • Vitamin E. This element is not immediate, but still have a beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the reproductive organs. In addition, it increases the intensity of metabolic processes in the prostate. What's to prevent, swelling, inflammation, adenoma, prostatic;
  • The B-vitamins Help the quick return, the sexual energy of men. Support increase your testosterone levels, but this list;
  • Vitamins of group D. a Large part of the volume we get from the sunlight. In winter, men can improve your efficiency, take up nourishment from the good part of this useful element.

The list of products

List what foods enhance male potency. Of course, immediate effects can be expected. You need a long time to include libido increasing foods in the diet to notice a beneficial effect.

Certain foods I eat like a man, already in ancient times was famous as an aphrodisiac. So, medieval women knew how to improve your sexual life husband-sea for dinner. Enhance the potential properties they saw that a varied, balanced nutrition, the natural products.


The seafood deserves the reputation of being the strongest aphrodisiac. Still not the best natural product to increase the efficiency of the men. Contains a high amount of zinc, essential amino acids. These substances significantly stimulates the production of not only testosterone, but also dopamine.

These hormones in a relatively short period of time increase the sexual desire and male potency. Men's health is the most useful "spring" oysters are caught this time of year.

Raw oysters are the most useful products to improve, and potency. But note that the heat treatment after the lion's share of the useful items are gone. Enhance the taste and to consolidate the effect, it is recommended that the water oysters with lemon juice.

How much should you eat oysters, if potency problems? The best if you use them sometimes, but not very excited. The product also contains nutrients perceptible to the human health, the percentage of mercury.



Flounder – sea is a real storehouse of vitamins, mineral substances. However, all the benefits of this fish is not fried. The cooking suited to braising or hot.

Mackerel man contains the necessary omega fatty acids. These are necessary to maintain a good testosterone level and stabilize the potential. In addition, boiled mackerel increases the viability of sperm, sperm volume.

Usually the choice of fish to improve the male potency, better to stay on the marine species. Much more useful man materials. A particularly high concentration of fish eggs. You don't necessarily have to be expensive salmon, caviar or other caviar. Required minerals you can get, even the eggs of Alaska Pollock.

The turnip

Natural products that promote the potency for the health of the people not just the special features. So, turnips are saturated in vitamins. This product not only improves your erection, but also gives strength to better survive the stressful situation. Special effects, ornamental plants, seeds common. The turnip is also good boiled as a side dish to the meat.


Animal origin food gives you more energy, improve the response of nerves to stimuli. Potency of men, meat-eating, better response to stimuli of a sexual nature.

However, selecting the class of meat, you have to remember that the dangers of abuse of the animal fats. Therefore, the best suitable for lean beef, lamb. Well meets these requirements, and diet-the meat – rabbit, Turkey, chicken breast. Great value men's health the game.

The nutrients preservation, as well as reducing the fat ratio, it's better if you simmer or steam the meat. The ideal would be outside of the green high volume. Overdo the meat consumption is also not necessary. The body is difficult to digest, will not be the energy of the sexual activity.


Nuts can be consumed daily, is important – the dose, which is not fattening. There is a large proportion of zinc, magnesium, vitamins a, E, B, E compounds are present, the walnuts, the almost all kinds of.

You don't have to bake, or put nuts in other thermal processing. Raw bring the man the most good. An excellent recipe to strengthen the potency of the salad, walnuts, apples, carrots, beets. You can use chopped nuts as a condiment, the meat.

Especially useful for the following varieties of walnut, cedar, nutmeg. Nutmeg can be used only in the form of spices. Do not use more than a pinch a day this can lead to poisoning.


Need to buy to improve the potency of expensive fresh oysters. And fit more familiar to us, shrimp, squid, clam. Cooking seafood just a few minutes. If you exceed the recommended cooking time, spoil not only the taste but also have therapeutic effect.


This product works a little different system. Not mentioned in this article, minerals, vitamins. Chocolate affects the efficiency, not so much organic as mental effects. This leads to the production of hormones, which increases sexual activity and desire in men. This can be helpful if problems with impotence caused by mental factors.

Tangible effect gives, only dark chocolate, at least 65% cocoa. The various bars, milk chocolate is not going to work. Using the efficiency will be minimal, but the damage to the numbers seriously. But excess body weight is one of the main enemies of a healthy erection-sexual desire.

Quail eggs

Suited to patients suffering from difficulties with potency. The daily eating, quickly strengthen the libido. To the extent that the person is able to perform more sex in a row.

Raw quail eggs are innocuous, the use does not lead to the infection. At a time when you need a strong potency, up to four eggs. The rest is still better to reduce the use of the product, that's not too much cholesterol.

Fresh fruit juice

Best pumpkin juice. Would be good to add a little juice of the roots of celery. Although the fresh drink any fruit and vegetable has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system. Through frequent consumption of juice prepared at home, you can quickly achieve good potency.

Apiculture products

Since ancient times, honey was used to restore virility. If you have other beekeeping products, to increase the efficiency? Yes, indeed, royal jelly, propolis and pollen contain large amounts of nutrients are collected in the bees. Propolis is used as a cure for prostate, bee pollen directly strengthens the sexual desire.

Harmful products

fast food

It makes little sense to fill your diet with the most useful products, if you abuse the junk food. This prevents the absorption of elements, has a beneficial effect on human health.

The list of the 12 most harmful products potency people includes the following:

  1. Meats that have a negative effect on the testes functioning;
  2. Sweet drinks;
  3. Alcoholic beverages, especially beer. The latter promotes the production of estrogen;
  4. Too much salty or sweet;
  5. Cilantro, if you eat regularly;
  6. Drinks with caffeine, tea, Red Bull;
  7. Fries, burgers, pizza;
  8. Soy food;
  9. All fried;
  10. Burning;
  11. The cholesterol in a large volume;
  12. Flour, especially wheat bread, yeast.