What foods increase your efficiency: tips on harmful products

We'll figure out what foods increase the potential? If a man doesn't want to have your potency problems, you must adhere to the appropriate diet to maintain male power. Because the food eaten affects the genitals. Food, containing large amounts of fat, preservatives, carbohydrates negatively affects the entire body, not to mention the adverse effect on potency.

products increase the potential

What to include in your diet?

To avoid this, run the appropriate, balanced diet now. Be sure to include in your diet these products:

  1. Sea fish (pike, some kind of mackerel), oysters, octopus. It is recommended that the boiled, fried or steamed. These products contain zinc, amino acids that affect the production of testosterone and stimulation of the formation of a greater amount of semen. Useful for potency considered as cod liver oil. The contained vitamins play an important role in the regulation of the intercourse. The fish have a huge stock of vitamins, zinc, sodium. Pretty well supplied with omega fatty acids mackerel actively synthesize the hormone testosterone and the contained phosphorus increases the potential.
  2. The dopamine-rich oysters to keep quick ejaculation. Oysters of the best quality, we recommend that you use the spring. Because at this time contain a number of useful potency products. We recommend that you use raw, the better taste, add the juice of a lemon. Minus use is strictly prohibited the representatives of the stronger you suffer from, gastritis, diabetes, or weakened immune systems.
  3. Cicurina (stomach camel) will not damage people or the pathogen erection is not worse than the Viagra. The problem is, only the accessibility. Cicurina improves the sperm, and help to even the men who said the 50-year anniversary can become the father. To eat 2-4 grams of product.
  4. Strengthening the immunity function vegetables. These are the following: garlic, all kinds of onions (bulb, green), various herbs (dill, parsley, celery), cabbage, beetroot, and many others. Rich in carotene carrot increases the manhood. Onions, garlic, or more useful in raw form. Use them in salads or as a snack.
  5. The meat dishes. The basic composition of meat - of course, protein. It gives you energy, which helps to create the desired material, and supports the high voltage. Very useful for the organization lean meat, horse meat, chicken, beef, rabbit. People have unusual tastes, we advise you to do. The perfect recipe for improving the potency of eating fried chicken, clam, egg, sheep or bull mixed with minced pheasant. The effect of these products is impressive. To better enhance the potential of the meat to eat fried or braised. After all, if the cooking of the useful substances the men go into the soup. The most important thing that you should consider, that the meat dish should be in the moderate amount, not much to eat.
  6. Eggs, especially useful quail eggs. All the vitamins present in the egg, it is recommended to eat it raw. Eggs are rich in vitamins such as a, K, E, A, D, trace elements: phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc. Raw quail eggs to reduce cholesterol. Another advantage lies in the fact that the small probability of salmonellosis. The most important thing to remember is that the benefit will only eat fresh eggs. If we mix the onions, the eggs, the perfect "tablet". Add to your daily diet eggs.
  7. Of course, don't forget about the vegetables, the priority of which is the turnip. Rich in vitamins, amino acids turnips beneficial effect on the improvement of the composition, as well as sperm production. Because it enhances the sexual desire to use the seeds of vegetables. Use cooked turnips as a side dish once a week, the result will not keep waiting. The mixture is boiled carrots and turnips with honey will be a good influence on the condition of the body. The use of turnip is prohibited in the presence of the diseases of the nervous system, hepatitis, cholecystitis.
  8. Almonds, chocolate, dates, or a favorite treat for the fairer sex, but the most important benefits in the male body. Increase the sexual desire, and contribute to the awakening of love.
  9. Different types of nuts increase the potency. The high amount of zinc, magnesium, vitamin complex positive effect on the whole reproductive system. Contains nuts-arginine forms in the body nitric oxide, which activates the erection. To all of the benefits of eating nuts, to mix honey, dried fruits. Used as a supplement to main dishes, meat, or fish. The best properties into account pine. This positively affects the increase the efficiency when raw. The men who eat nuts daily are less likely to develop erectile dysfunction.
  10. Honey, especially in combination with nuts, gives you the potency of a big boss. Can be used in other dishes (e.g. stew, honey, lamb).
  11. Royal jelly increase libido, rich in the hormones.
  12. Sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, yogurt, dairy products, to the good man's potency. But not all dairy products are equally affect the efficiency. For example, the milk will be useful, only natural, is not affected by pasteurization. The yogurt is not a good reducing agent potency. Use your diet to just fresh, homemade dairy products.
  13. A good tool to improve the potential considered to be wheat.
  14. The rich iodine content of seaweed has beneficial effects on the state of the potential. The use of limited patients suffering from intestinal disorders.
  15. Mare milk containing lactic acid bacteria, milk, yeast, the body good therapeutic effect.
  16. The various berries and fruits. It improves the production of hormones like fruits, like mandarins, pears, grapes, melons, etc. Grenade is the body action of Viagra improves the erection, arousing sexual desire. The content of substances that expand the blood vessels, watermelon shows unusual properties to increase the efficiency.
  17. The content of nicotinic acid, carotene, and many minerals, the pumpkin allows you to maintain a sexual tone to the man. Special useful properties of this plant is a prostate treatment and prevention of inflammatory processes, which various diseases of men. Stabilize the potency should start eating pumpkin seeds.
  18. Special properties of the sauerkraut.
  19. Bread, rye, bran or rich in vitamin b which is very helpful for erections.
  20. Beans, bean products transported in the body protein. Significantly enhance male sexual activity. But it's soy, it contains the female hormone, adversely affects the efficiency.
  21. Eat Breakfast cereals. Preference is given to buckwheat and other cereals.
  22. Cocoa increases the body's endothelial cells, has a positive effect on performance.
  23. Fresh fruit juices improves the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, as well as rich in vitamins beneficial to the body.

Vegetable oil and potency

Erection strengthening, and increased efficiency is the main merit of the oils effect on the function development of the prostate gland prostaglandins. The content of vitamin E improves the functioning of the sex glands, increases the libido.

Products containing vegetable oils for a long time been used for cooking dishes, improves the potential.

The best performance, potency should contain these products are administered, otherwise the opposite result. To be on a diet, try to combine the meals, meat, vegetables, once a week eat fish or other seafood. As a spice in the dishes, choose the herbs, red pepper.

Products - enemies of potency

Man, take care of your health you need to know that alcohol is the enemy of the potency of the number. Short-term to improve potency - the only thing that is capable of intoxicating beverages, which ultimately lead to the impotence. Damage potency brings an average mint. If you value your manhood, refrain from eating minty chewing gum.

increased potency

Try to reduce the dose of potatoes, pasta. Eliminate from the diet white bread. The content of chemical substances in the sausage, the sausage, too, will have no effect on potency, only lead to obesity. I don't snack on junk food and other fast food. Eliminates the diet mayonnaise. Intake to reduce sugar, salt, coffee. I don't smoke, the amount of liquid Smoke will damage your testes.

I don't drink energy drinks. Prefer natural fruit juices instead of Coca-Cola. Use this kind of drinks not only lead to the violation of potency, and the load on the heart, which ultimately can lead to a heart attack.

A few tips

Stay tuned for more content in the products, harmful preservatives, nitrates and other additives that negatively affect your efficiency. Throw out your bad habits, no cigarette is worth your health. Start you need to perform special exercises to strengthen the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. A lot of time that I don't, but the effect is good. Take a bath with the herbs, use the bath decoction of bay leaf, stinging nettle or pine cones.

Don't forget the appropriate, healthy lifestyle. Sit less - move more, instead of Smoking, alcohol, exercise, don't sit at night on the computer adipates. And, of course, pay attention to your diet.