Nuts-efficacy: peanuts, pistachios, cashews, pine, recipes

Sexual performance, or the attractiveness of, directly dependent on a person's health, lifestyle, eating habits. No matter how often a man has sex, the nuts affect the efficiency, that are useful for these are the sources of aphrodisiacs to him.

walnuts potency

The benefits of walnut

Nuts-all essential materials for the normal functioning of the body: vitamins, minerals, essential oils, arginine, fatty acids, omega-3, fiber, and vegetable protein. Varieties, types of nuts-very much. One way or another dose contain substances that positively affect male potency:

  • The zinc promotes the natural production of testosterone;
  • Calcium prevents premature ejaculation;
  • Phosphorus increases the sexual desire;
  • Vitamin E affects the quantity and quality of ejaculate;
  • Arginine activate the formation of nitric oxide, which increases the efficiency.

In addition to the intimate sphere, the nuts enhance the immune system control the permissible level of cholesterol to form the circulatory system cleanse the body of toxins. However, without limiting nuts to eat, it's not worth it. In addition to strengthening the potency of these foods can cause weight gain. Daily allowance of nuts, the men of 100-150 grams.


Leading position in the list of the most useful walnut men's health nuts. There is a truly unique protein composition, which can replace a good part of the meat.

The walnut high concentration of zinc required for formation of testosterone. To maintain the standards of the sexual hormones, maintain, potency, increase libido, the body needs sufficient levels of this trace element. Therefore, nuts should be present in the diet, men regularly.

Especially useful for young nuts. The beginning of the season in early autumn is recommended to eat up to 10 green walnuts a day.

Almond, nutmeg

If you have a question, which the nuts will solve the problem of premature ejaculation, definitely, nutmeg, almonds. Special essential oils, the present nuts increase tactile, visual, and auditory sensitivity, stimulates the Central nervous system, as well as serve as natural aphrodisiacs. Arginine contains the composition of nuts has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels, which in turn allows you to activate the blood flow in the body.

Pine nuts

Some of the most expensive nuts, so you don't consume as often. But prevention, to raise the exemption, the aid men's health a lot of times a week to eat 100 to 150 grams of product.

Peanut, cashew

Walnuts differ from other nuts, low-fat, but amount of vitamins, micro-elements, don't miss it. By the way, the Turkish men always eat the peanut is the day in which the intimacy.


The perfect complement to a living beer – pistachio. Eating delicious treats, and a few people think its useful properties, while the pistachio is an ideal Supplement to restore potency.


The nutritious and caloric product between nuts – peanuts. Often prescribed in the menu when the erectile dysfunction, infertility, prostate adenoma in men. Peanut restores the hormonal balance and increase the activity of the sperm, the testosterone production.


recipes nuts

The main advantage of walnut, like other foods – you don't have to bother with the product – eat it raw. Delicious, simple, but useful! For those who want to diversify the daily menu, there are various recipes to increase the efficiency on the basis of nuts. So the huge health benefits it's a combination of the nuts with sour cream, honey, meat, various vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs.

Nuts added to salads, main dishes, cocktails, they decorate cakes, desserts, use them alone as a snack.

Natural cure

The simplest recipe is to increase the efficiency of the men – a combination of honey with walnuts. Take the ingredients in equal proportions, mix, then put it in the fridge. This recipe can be supplemented with a section of red. Increase the sexual desire, strengthen erections and increase the duration of intercourse is enough to 1 tablespoon of the mixture 2 times a day.

Nut milk

100 g chopped nuts (approximately 20 pieces peeled) pour a glass of cooled boiled water. Add the mixture to stand 3-4 hours, then filter. The resulting peanut, milk, add honey to taste, and used without restriction. This drink is very useful for the young men as a positive influence on the development of the sexual organs.

Cocktail sour cream

Carefully stop the mixer, 3 egg yolks, then add 250 g sour cream and mix until smooth. This high-calorie Supplement mix 50 g of chopped walnuts, one bunch of chopped parsley. The resulting cocktail you need to drink 2-3 hours before intimacy.