Normal potency, and 60 years

In adulthood, the retention of the erectile function become relevant to all people, without exception. This is due to the natural aging process. If you are 35-40 years testosterone is produced in sufficient amount, after 40 years of development gradually reduced to 60 years of age is reduced almost by half, the sperm are less mobile, the testicles decrease in size, the orgasm will be less pronounced.

How to restore the potency of 60 years. This issue requires a serious approach, like in adulthood, all people have the baggage of certain diseases. Primarily affects the cardiovascular. For as long as possible to continue in the ranks, of course, continue to lead an active lifestyle, but it is not necessary so recklessly to visit the gym. Strength exercises continue in the past.

Good potency,is the key to a happy life

In this age, he's very good going swimming, walking, yoga, fitness. Morning gymnastics and a contrast shower – this is the smallest to give a charge of vivacity. Review your diet, and the added vitamins and minerals is one of the ways on how to improve the efficiency to 60 years. Not unnecessary, you can appeal to a specialist-sexologist. Some professional advice to create the mood of the family, a new impetus to the development of intimate life. A fresh look at the external is not always helpful.


Aerobics helps to stimulate the blood circulation, which is necessary to maintain a normal erection. These exercises are good for the entire circulatory system. Proper breathing is used in the employment, a beneficial effect on all organs, because of the oxygen enrichment.

A special workout for the muscles of the pelvis. Men during urination should try to suspend the procedure. Repeat this exercise several times a day, strengthen your muscles significantly.

Yoga classes, a psycho-therapeutic effect, but extremely useful.

A special mini-set exercises to increase your efficiency:

  1. S. Probably everyone remembers that the gym was to perform a somersault back. So in the beginning, this practice looks like. The prone position of the rear legs slowly climb up, then go to the head. The pool on the floor. The position of the body reminds me of the plow. In this situation was to continue for ten seconds. Once the exercise is not to stand up suddenly.Practice will not tolerate all the fuss is about.
  2. Cobra. The recumbent position the abdomen slowly raise your head and body to the waist. This is what happens on the inhalation. It is necessary to try to maximize back. In this situation one must try to stand still for 20 seconds.
  3. Bow. The exercise can be performed in the lying position the abdomen. Bend your knees and try to grab them by the hand, gradually pull the torso and the head. After a strong voltage to return to the original position.

These exercises should be taken very seriously, as it is necessary to avoid injuries and muscle strain. You can't overdo it, the duration of each practice cannot be expected. Before recommended well the warming up of the muscles, joints, always perform them on an empty stomach. Better in the morning or several hours before bedtime. And another important detail: not to proceed with the implementation of the complex without consulting a doctor.

How to increase the potency of the 60 years using diet

Good health should review the nutrition. Improvement of the efficiency is directly dependent on proper nutrition. In the first place, men 60 years shall be reduced by foods containing cholesterol. Related to the vessel walls, disrupting blood flow, which immediately react to potency. That means, butter, fatty cheeses, dairy products, should be excluded from the diet. All the same, you can use lower body fat percentage. Completely out of your diet fats can not be excluded. It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of salt.

Daily intake should not exceed 6-7 grams. The salt raises the blood pressure, conducive to the arrest, the body fluid leads to swelling. This is due to the great load on the kidneys. Recovery of potency after 60 years it will be more effective if the people to get rid of the excess weight. This is not an easy task, since the loss of testosterone synthesis in the place of estrogen, promote fat accumulation, regardless of the supply. So, the proper, reasonable eating will need to learn how to control the obesity of the body.

Exclusion from the diet of white bread, baking, sweet, smoked, spicy food helps to improve metabolic processes

What is replace a favorite food. Forget the pasta, potatoes. They will be replaced by vegetables – raw, steamed. As much as possible. Dressed in oil, they will serve you side dishes. Buckwheat groats, cooked rice, lentils, as the various daily food. This is not always restriction. Fatty meats, too, must leave in the past. He is replaced by lean beef or veal (pork, I have to forget forever), but the best that the poultry (not duck) - chicken, Turkey, or rabbit.

Once a day at dinner necessarily on the table could be the garlic. This is useful in every respect! First, it is a familiar, good seasoning; second, dilution of the blood; the third, to win back the potential. But it's not just the useful properties! Destroys bacteria, viruses, preventing tumors, used in the treatment of diabetes.

On the basis of garlic, a lot of liquor to enhance the potential

To support the work of the heart, it is time to enter in the dietary food containing potassium, magnesium. The list of such products varied. It's the lean meat, fish, carrots, bananas, nuts.

The increased efficiency will greatly affect the man-trace elements – zinc. Daily amount of zinc found in pumpkin seeds – just 50 to 60 grains per day solves this problem.

Increased efficiency of the men after 60 years are also required to maintain permanent intimate life. At this age, is harmful to a lot of breaks. Abstinence during the month is bad for men's health. This should help partner. The task of the manifestation of activity, since slower husband excited, and if it's not reaching orgasm may be nervous, which will only worsen the situation.

The men don't give rise to "back", and start to analyze the error

We must try together to understand, especially if it's an isolated case. Maybe remind your husband that the errors in the younger years, when they attack the problem. The most important thing– the sex, which is regular. Do not immediately resort to drugs-stimulants. Only if the tendency of the impossibility of sexual intercourse, then consult a doctor. To restore potency is always harder than to keep.

Therefore, the axiom, that the normal condition is the result of a proper lifestyle. Potency is reduced due to the lack of testosterone in the body, there's nothing you can do – the nature, but the force of the all the people this process is not fast without the nonsense. It's the age, it's time to stop Smoking, or abuse alcohol. To drink, of course, possible, but the brandy is good, to replace the dry red wine and lying on the couch walk.

The more people you will move, the better

He guarantees, in the absence of the stagnation of the pool. In those cases when it is necessary to resort to stimulants, the Council should consult a physician after a thorough examination, as a separate meeting of such drugs can lead to sad results. And increased blood pressure – not sad version.

Ginger honey

The drug potency, it basically works on the same principle: to increase the blood flow to the penis, thus increasing the sensitivity. The disadvantage is that with the aid of a time. Impotence this medicine is not a cure. There are several types of stimulators – hormones, homeopathic, and inhibiting phosphodiesterase (PDE-5). The inhibitor is recognized as a powerful tool, as it makes the enzyme to destroy the guanosine monophosphate necessary for erection.

Folk remedies

By using the decoction, infusion, it is also possible to improve the erection.

Ginseng root is based on, this is an alcohol-based tincture, use a daily to a cup to achieve the final result

Ginger root, rich in vitamins, trace elements recommended to eat fresh. Can, tea, spices, to a food, even pickled!

Useful fresh celery. I don't know how to cook. He ate the stems increases the energy! But squeeze the juice, mix the juice of other vegetables.

Nuts will be many benefits, potency, and the organization as a whole. These can be used both separately and in the mixture with honey.

Honey bee products are the first place to solve man's problems. Some believe that it is chestnut honey are the most useful men.

Increased efficiency of the men after 60 years is not a whim not a whim. This is a requirement, without which it is impossible to continue a full life.