Potency in men 60 years of age, and promotion: a good action

Changes in the sexual sphere should be smooth, this is not the end of the sexual life and on the stage. It is important to note, problems to consult a doctor and identify the reason for the good advice to prevent the consequences, such as impotence.

potency after 60 years


Age is not the reason to be right there. The main factor causing the erectile dysfunction, consider:

  • the decreased testosterone associated on the age, the weakening operating secretory glands;
  • the poor condition of the vessels leading blood to the penis. The walls to form plaque, which is associated with decreased metabolism, poor diet;
  • the bad habits (Smoking, alcoholism);
  • psycho-emotional factors (loss of attraction, the deterioration of relations with the partner, lack of feelings).

These reasons are reduce potency after 60 years. I suspect, erectile dysfunction may be the symptoms that characterize this condition.


The pre-retirement-aged man was the excitement, sometimes takes more time than the young. Penis rises less intensively, erection unstable. Typical signs that it is time to see a doctor, will be as follows:

  • the biggest excitement of the penis is not reached the previous size;
  • in order to achieve a stable erection, it is necessary to go on cunning, to perform the additional stimulation;
  • the orgasm is not as pronounced;
  • after ejaculation, the penis falls off quickly, to the later sexual acts takes a long time;
  • the eggs lose their elasticity and decrease;
  • the scrotum skin is sagging.

After 60 years, reduced reproductive function, sperm movement worse, it's produced in smaller quantities. This means that the chance to have children is reduced.

How to improve

Therapy comprehensive, at each stage it is important. The most effective techniques:

  • the treatment of chronic diseases, the drugs, the surgery. In particular, it is important to eliminate / stop diabetes, thyroid, liver disease, prostate cancer, arteriosclerosis;
  • diet that improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, enriches blood with oxygen, useful micro-elements. Proper nutrition is the cure not only impotence, but also in other "age" issues;
  • increasing physical activity, with particular emphasis on the pelvic floor muscles. Doctors recommend to learn more about the suppositories;
  • the normalization of the sexual relations. To increase the efficiency, you need to train. It is not recommended that the long break between intimate relationships. Usually, once 7-10 days;
  • treatment of folk remedies (decoctions, tinctures, candles, ointments), which is the natural products. Drugs are produced, or buy at the pharmacy.

Pharmacy network offer a lot of drugs, which are active in the effectiveness, but without consulting a doctor pills short-term measures will not be accepted – they have a negative impact on other organs. It's better to be on the safer specifications apply at home:

  • tincture of eleutherococcus, ginseng. Accepted, of course. The first day – 1 drop to 100 ml of water, the second 2, and so on, until you reach 28 droplets. Break for 3 months and repeat the course. The long-lasting treatment. Contraindications – high blood pressure, heart disease, blood vessels;
  • an effective tool for potency – a mixture of honey, nuts. Mixing 1:1, taken in the morning, night, 2 tsp;
  • mix 1 tbsp. l. crushed Rowan berries, rosehips, and pour 500 ml boiling water, to insist 6 hours. 100 ml morning and night. The course is 30 days;
  • regular consumption of cabbage juice has a positive effect men's health.


Problems in the intimate sphere, beating the men's self-esteem, so it is better to avoid such a development. Doctors will give you advice on how to increase the potency after 60 years, to improve your general health:

  1. To visit a sex therapist. The doctor finds out what is the reason tell me how to eliminate the influence on the intimate sphere.
  2. On a regular basis to the sex. It is desirable, the constant partner.
  3. More they move, participate in sports.
  4. Avoid fatigue-physical, emotional.
  5. Quit Smoking, less drinking alcohol.
  6. To control the weight on the right food. Diet to garlic, seafood, eggs, chocolate, beans, nuts, and honey.
  7. Follow the schedule of work, rest.
  8. To sit and contrast bath.
  9. Prevention that herbal remedies that Kegel exercises.

Many drugs that promise a quick solution to the potency problems. Choose them only after consulting the doctor, because it all depends on the cause of the problem. The drug selected taking into account the age peculiarities of the body, the presence of the disease, lifestyle. You need to familiarize yourself with the contraindications, to comply with the instructions for the specified dosage.