Potency in men in 50 years

How to raise the potency in men after 50 years

Almost everyone knows that in old age the sexual function of men begins to fade. This is due to the natural aging process. Usually problems with potency starts when the patient crosses the fifty-year milestone. In today's world there are many medicines to help restore the years lost manhood.

Supporters of the popular methods of therapy, instead of expensive pharmaceutical drugs recommended the use of infusions, decoctions of herbs. "How to increase the potency after 50?" — to know the answer to this question, we recommend that you check the content of this article.

What should be the sexual function, in fifty years?

The concept of the "potentia" description, man force. It does not cause reproductive options, sexual activity is the stronger. The main components efficiency of the speed of arousal, duration of erection, fast ejaculation (release of semen), as well as the degree of tension of the penis during sexual intercourse. The lack of various diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the body the men were able to preserve sexual activity throughout life.

Normal potency is exactly the mechanism that leads to the whole reproductive system of the patient, the action, which is a strong attraction. As a result, an erection necessary for satisfaction of the sexual desire, achieve, joy, and release the ejaculate. Healthy men 55 years sometimes 8-10 acts per month. But the amount of sex influences not only the age of the person. The frequency of sex depends on the psychological factor relationship with a woman. According to the statistics, the affluent families, the number of contacts between the spouses is much higher than the partners who are always fighting, fighting.

What should be the sexual function, in fifty years

Men's health is determined by the duration of individual acts, each of which is normal to 2.5 to 3 minutes. During this time, the most important sexual organ makes at least 40-50 movements friction. If the patient is stable, long-lasting erections, this process may take 35-40 minutes.

Increased efficiency, in men after 50 is necessary, if after sex the man will no longer feel a sense of satisfaction. Indicates problems with the sexual function of the following violations:

  • Reduction or complete absence of libido – the sexual desire of the opposite sex.
  • The deterioration of the voltage of the penis an erection during sex.
  • Early emission of semen is often the representatives of the stronger can be observed early ejaculation delay in, or total lack of, the discharge.
  • Weak erection or lack thereof in the morning, foreplay during.

The reason for the decline in man power after fifty

Many patients after 45 years noticeably reduced the sexual activity. This phenomenon in medical terms is considered natural because it is caused by physiological processes. Just like the women, the male menopause occurs – this condition occurs because of the decreased androgen production. The main hormone regulating the sexual health of men, think testosterone. This is the lower secretion of this substances leads to weakening of potency, the deterioration of an erection and other similar violations. If androgen production is drastically reduced or missing totally, then the patient will show signs of feminization.

In addition to the hormonal break, the ability of the men sex is influenced by other causes. Thus a weak efficiency in the elderly is often a consequence of common experiences, neurosis, as well as various complexes, stress, and overload. This kind of sexual dysfunction called psychological. In such a case, the disease, the sexual activity that requires specific treatment the patient requires, the psychologist, or a psychologist.

Potency after 50 is reduced under the influence of the following negative factors:

  • Lack of exercise – decreased patient activity during the day leads to stagnation of the blood in the pelvic organs. This can worsen the erection.
  • Mechanical trauma, the perineum, the penis.
  • Pathology of the prostate, of the urogenital area, most men after 45 years, the prostate inflammation, or benign tumor in the tissue. Both diseases occur due to hormonal balance, low level of physical activity. Impotence provoke certain diseases of the urinary and reproductive system – fibrosis, urethritis, epididymitis, vesiculitis.
  • Disorders of the endocrine organs, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism.
  • Overweight or obesity.
  • Diseases of the circulatory system such as angina or high blood pressure.
  • Std.
  • Use of certain drugs in the hypoglycemic drugs, tranquilizing, sedative medicines for high blood pressure or gout.
  • The healing period after surgical interventions on the organs of the penis or the urinary tract.
  • Increased sugar in the blood.
  • Alcohol, drugs, Smoking.
  • Pathology of the Central nervous system – multiple sclerosis, damage to the brain or spinal cord, or other violations, because deterioration of the conductivity of impulses along nerve fibers.

Attention! Reduces the potency in men 50 years of age and even young boys, frequent alcohol consumption and other bad habits. There is a depressing effect on the reproductive function, deterioration of the nervous system. First, the patient explains his reluctance to love, stress, tension, fatigue, or other reasons. But after he develops indifference to the problem, so developing the impotence.

How to increase sexual activity in 50 years?

Get rid of the problems, the masculine power in old age, it is necessary to approach this issue comprehensively. First, a person must completely change the image, and the quality of life. With this purpose, it is recommended to adjust the diet, are excluded from the menu fatty foods, products. The same rule save his people, the overweight, which is also bad the potential. To help improve the "manliness" of sports, refusal of bad habits.

The development of sexual dysfunction negative effect of the different drugs. So, if such a problem arises, I believe, taken in the recent past medication, depression, high blood pressure, psychosis, or decreasing cholesterol. Inhibit the irritability of the nervous system, which decreases the activity of the men in the bed. Before you use these devices carefully read the instructions.

How to increase the potency after 50-55 years? Well, to get rid of decrease in sexual activity, the complex gymnastics exercises. It was developed specifically for the stronger, have a problem with sex. Call the training complex Kegel. It consists of simple exercises, the systematic implementation of which will increase the blood circulation in the reproductive organs, which greatly improves the potential.

Enhance sexual function, recommend the use of contrast baths, hot and cold water. But in this case, you need to be very careful not to burn. If the erectile dysfunction, which is caused by psycho-emotional stress, I suggest relaxing water treatment for the whole body. You can also add to the bath decoction of herbs. Useful efficiency or other alternative medicine. Select the most effective method of therapy helps a doctor.

Important! To increase the efficiency of the men after 50 affects the nutrition. If you want to get more active in bed, you need to eat more protein. Stimulates the process of spermatogenesis, strengthen men's health. But be sure to take into account the combination of disease of the patient. Protein foods did not bring a large volume of the diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Medical to restore men potency

In the case of a slight decrease in the sexual activity of the stronger could not be appointed a special vitamin complex. The application will help you to increase the duration and quality of sex. Significantly reduced the potency of 50 years of age, doctors recommend taking the stimulating effect.

If the patient for any reason you do not wish to use the drug common activities that stimulate the erection – prescribed topical preparations. Such drug is the potency available in any pharmacy. Usually in the form of cream or gel that increases a man's strength.

It's good to know! Increased potency in 50 years, I don't have to resort to the drug to stimulate an erection. These drugs although good results, but the effect lasts for a limited amount of time. The stimulating means may develop psychological dependence, in which the people will feel insecure without the drugs potency.

The traditional recipes for men's health

As to increase the efficiency of the men after 50? The best solution is to use a variety of infusions, decoctions of herbs. A high-impact medicines based on established plant material contains only natural ingredients. After using the folk remedy of patients is not occur side effects. To restore potency in 50 years will help the following recipes alternative medicine:

The traditional recipes for men's health
  • Very useful to men dairy products. The continuous use, to protect us from problems, sexual activity, normalizes the metabolic processes in the genital organs. 55 years ago, the potency was as a young kid, it is recommended to drink, tea, medicinal plants, saffron, cloves, or ginger.
  • To increase the quality of sexual life increase the body's resistance to various infections with the help of effective medicines, based on honey, nuts. This easy to prepare, just mix the crushed nuts, honey, in the ratio 1:1. The use of the product in the amount of 1 tablespoon. spoon 2-3 times after meals. Such treatment duration of no more than 1-2 months.
  • A natural analogue of the modern stimulant medications common st. john's wort. It also increases the blood flow to the organs groin area, what causes men burst of energy, stimulates the libido. The herbs used for infusion. To do this, the dried St. John's wort, the amount to 2-3 tablespoons and then add 1 Cup of boiling water. Administered this drug for 2 hours, after which it can be used as directed. Drink an infusion of St. John's wort to 50 to 60 ml at least 3 times a day.
  • The best traditional recipes for male enhancement can be considered a special tea based on hops. Cook enough for 1 tablespoon of crushed cones plants pour 1 tbsp. hot water. The broth needs to be cooked, with a mild heat for approximately 5 minutes. Using the tool 1\2 part Cup 3 times a day for 4-6 weeks.
  • Restore the previous virility patients aged fifty years, a decoction of the rhizomes of Pasternak. This not only stimulates the erection but also increases immunity. The drug is made as the following: 3 to 4 tablespoons of the root, plant parts, and mix them with 5-6 spoonfuls of sugar. The resulting mixture of the fire, and slowly boil for 10-15 minutes. The tool, then leave in a cool place 7-8 hours. Take 1 tbsp. spoon before eating.

Men need to understand that the men's potency after 50 drops do not always. Although the human body eventually loses the function of many elderly patients, I always manage to preserve the activity of the bed. Stable sexual relationships continue to pleasure you and your mate, you need to follow the rules of healthy nutrition, lifestyle. I hope that this information will help the readers to get rid of the problems in the sexual front. All the best we wish you good luck!