How to increase the potency at home fast folk remedy

Today all people, regardless of age, have to face such a problem as decrease of sexual function, the effect of many factors. But, to determine the reasons for the decline, what are the herbs for men to increase the efficiency of the men, what methods that can be used in the home in the following article.


Causes of sexual dysfunction

Before you start, that the funds increases the potency, libido, in men after 50 years you need to understand the reasons which contribute to reduce the ability.

In time, every human body begins to age, however, is weaker, most of the features, as well as the sexual including. But the modern world is fairly a common phenomenon was the appearance of the men in the middle age diseases are related to efficiency, and they occur can be young guys.

The reasons for this phenomenon can be different, for example, the most important are the following:

  • the problems associated with the prostate;
  • regular stay in the stress conditions;
  • internal medicine;
  • there are problems with the circulatory system;
  • fatigue;
  • the manifestation of stagnation in the pelvis because of the sedentary work;
  • weight;
  • addictions (Smoking, or excessive alcohol consumption).

But in order to get rid of such violations, it is first necessary to completely eliminate or at least reduce the cause of the weakening, or even the strongest stimulation of drugs can not reach the desired effect.

If the internal diseases that you need medical help, not identifiable, then the recovery of potency in men after 50 years at home quite a feasible task, which is possible to use means of alternative medicine, they start to live a healthy lifestyle, and learn how to overcome stressful situations.

How to increase the potency of 1 day

You must understand that such results may be, but its acceptance advanced means that both the oral and the local effect, i.e. they include the medicines in the form of tablets, ointments, gels. When you select should pay attention to the composition, whereas the content of the natural ingredients usually will not have a negative impact on the body, unlike other drugs.

However, such funds have a significant drawback – the duration of action is approximately 3-5 hours, so most often resorted to the potency of the natural and traditional methods.

Folk remedies

It is possible to increase male potency in a natural way after 40 years of age or older. If the reduction of man power caused by the recovery process after illness or fatigue, in this case, to cope with this problem is possible by tonics, such as certain foods and herbs that help restore the body's lack of the necessary elements.

Among them are:

  • trace elements, namely zinc, which is found in sunflower seeds, spinach, seafood, nuts, sea fish;
  • useful vitamins, which are a part of raw fruits, vegetables;
  • animal protein, is also found in foods such as eggs, lean meat, dairy products, and fish.

The most well-known natural remedies for men after 50 with no side effects, which allows the short terms to increase the level of man power should be considered:

  • a mixture of dried fruits (usually used in equal proportions, raisins, prunes, dried apricots), the product of the apiary, chopped nuts. Also, it's delicious, useful composition may be supplemented, in its sole discretion, various spices (ginger powder, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, spicy);
  • the salad is based on green onions and young leaves of the nettle, egg, cooked;
  • grated on a fine grater carrots, a few dry ginger, with a dressing of honey.

Daily recommended to include in your diet the following healthy foods: garlic, spicy greens (among which the blue fenugreek, celery, cilantro, parsley, etc.) pumpkin seeds, contribute to not only increase the organization's overall sound, but also have a positive impact on the excretory organs, including the prostate.

The increased efficiency of the men above 60 years of age 50, or 40 years, as a means of improving the blood circulation can be used if the problems of the intimate nature caused by, the processes, organs of the small pelvis, then the empowerment of a sexual nature possible method stimulates the blood circulation.

Home circumstances can help in this simple ingredient is aloe juice, which can be used in the following way:

Honey, aloe juice-red grape wine, thoroughly mixed in the following ratio 1:2:3 send the
  • Honey, aloe juice-red grape wine, thoroughly mixed in the following ratio 1:2:3 to send, to the gateway of the 7 days. Take the infusion is best before meals three times a day for 1 tablespoon, but no more.
  • Take 500 g of walnuts, 100 grams of aloe, 300 g of honey, mix everything carefully the cured mixture before meals, 3 times a day 1 tablespoon.

The stimulation hemodynamics can also be used treatment, as well as local in nature, namely, to brew 1 liter of boiling water, 50 g bay leaf, as well as the preparation of the bath, which is recommended to be approximately half an hour. Or mix honey with water in the ratio 1:5 and apply this poultice to the tail no more than 10 minutes. A similar procedure is best performed in the morning or evening hours.

What herbs to drink to increase male potency

The alternative medicine a number of medicinal plants used to enhance the male power, including:

  • the swamp air;
  • hawthorn;
  • nettle;
  • ginger;
  • knight;
  • parsley, celery, etc.

The list also included, for quite a long time, because each plant, the male body has a positive effect, most of them used for medicinal purposes, daily, no fear, the incidence of side effects.

Folk remedies, the men after 45 years and older provides several recipes using some of the above herbs:

Infusion, based on stinging nettle


  • Grapes-wine – 500 ml.
  • Nettle – 5 tablespoons
  • Honey – 1 tbsp

The seed of nettle pour wine, put over medium heat and bring to the boil. Then add the broth, bee products, insist to drink, until the king. The medicine better at bedtime 50-100 g.


Kalganovaya alcohol also


  • Dry rhizome plants – 100 g
  • Vodka – 0.5 liters.

Preparation: Kalganovaya roots pour vodka, then send it to infuse for 14 days. The application of tincture of kalgan, the day 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, or drink a small glass in the evening.

To increase the efficiency of home-15 minutes

How to increase the potency at home, quick recipes of traditional medicine, the nutrition, the emphasis is on the minerals, vitamins, required for normal erection. The efficiency can be increased, and the physical activity, the traditional methods. The useful tips in this article.

What vitamins and minerals quickly increase the potency?

The state's effectiveness depends on what you eat, the usefulness of the diet. The efficiency influenced by certain vitamins and minerals:

  • The zinc. He was a part of many enzymes, it is involved in the metabolic processes. Below the level of testosterone in the body is normal, you need the proper amount of this chemical element. The zinc participates in the metabolism dehydrotestosterone. The male genitalia are constantly dividing or renewal of the germ cells, this process is slowed by lack of zinc. Reduced sperm count and reduced quality. The increased potency often depends on diet, and quickly increase the potential to help foods rich in zinc: crabs, clams, wheat bran, anchovies, egg yolk, fish.
  • Selenium. A mineral substance, which in large quantities is used reproductive system in men. The main role of the selenium — antioxidant. The item supports the blood vessels healthy condition, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, stroke, myocardial infarction. Freeing up the body to the radicals, selenium provides the synthesis of sex hormones and sperm. Lack of testosterone decreases in the body, which leads to the loss of the potential. Ensure the body, selenium, add to the diet of such products potency: corn, seafood, tomatoes, garlic, eggs.
  • Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is known for strong antioxidant properties. The operation versatile: the normalization of hormonal levels, strengthening the walls of the blood vessels, stabilizing cell membranes, prevent blood clots. Lack of tocopherol sometimes leads to the development of infertility, including the part of man. Contains vitamin E foods: vegetable oils, wheat germ, fish, nuts, potency, seeds -especially pumpkin.
  • The B vitamins are Often decreased efficiency due to the exertion of the body. Thiamine, or vitamin B1 reduces the fatigue of the body, increase the stamina, nourish muscle and brain energy. Pyridoxind, or vitamin B6 affects the nervous system. To increase the efficiency when your diet sunflower seeds, eggs, nuts, sea fish.

How to increase the potency of home fast?

Increase the efficiency quickly as possible, and at home. Here are a few secrets:

  • Different water treatments. This can be a daily contrast shower, a sauna once a week. This temperature difference has a positive effect the blood flow throughout the body, including the organs of the urogenital system.
  • Change in the diet. Eliminate the unhealthy foods, sauces, fatty foods. Add to dishes such well-known aphrodisiacs like celery, parsley, garlic, onion.
  • Ditch unhealthy habits. Both alcohol and Smoking have a negative effect on nutritional body. Substances in tobacco narrows blood vessels, reduces the production of sex hormones.
  • Sometimes, in order to increase the efficiency of that one day, you just need to relax, relieve stress. Often the stress of a divorce, because of the impotence.
  • Practice. They provide a variety of health effects, but the effectiveness is undeniable. It's under cover.

Physical activity, increased potency

Any exercise has a beneficial effect on the whole body. But according to the experts, formed the special complexes of exercise, which intentionally act on the genital organs, the blood flow to tone the muscles responsible for erection.

You can see, practice if:

  • lost morning erection;
  • erection is weak, not enough to complete intercourse.
  • lost attraction to women;
  • the orgasm is not as bright as before.

Here are some examples of the exercises:

  • Describe how to increase the efficiency quickly at home simply by performing this exercise on a regular basis. A man sitting on the floor (warm), on a chair. The legs are widely set. Back straight, arms hanging down, relaxed breathing, the nose. During quick, short breaths, squeeze my hand, as if someone grabbed it. Along with this, try as hard as possible to squeeze the buttocks, to feel all of the muscles responsible for this movement. After this, slowly exhale. 7. practice-approaches, which are among the rest. This physical stress can effectively strengthen the muscles, the dam will help to control urination, particularly for those who have incontinence. Reduces the muscles, you're doing such a massage of the prostate, ensures the blood flow to a greater extent than before. No doubt, soon have a positive effect on the sexual function.
  • The second exercise performed in the prone position on his stomach. Arm bent at the elbow, holding the level of the armpit, the elbow, the "look". Gradually inhale, raise your head and shoulders slowly off the head. While exhaling, lower your head and chest to the starting position. After a few seconds, the other repeat before the 7 approaches.
  • The following exercise is designed to develop muscles responsible for potency. should be sitting on a chair, legs straining, the muscles located between the anus, scrotum. That is, the buttocks should be relaxed;
  • The next exercise is simple. Standing in place, perform the steps as high as possible to raise knees.

The function of the exercises to the gradual load increase. To increase the number of reps, exercises, morning and evening. On average, the effect of running daily quests to appear in a week.

In fact, the problem of erectile function can occur at any age. In most cases, impotence can be remedied, turned for help to the professionals. 95% doctors can regain your erection without surgery. The main conditions to preserve their potency — the healthy way of life.