Men's health, after 40 years — the result of a healthy lifestyle

Increased efficiency of the men after 40 years, is an urgent task, not only men, but also the doctors. A year has developed a large Arsenal of drugs designed to restore the potency, or to keep to an old age.

Adulthood potency

All sexual disorders, serve as the motivation for the development of mental disorders. Sexual health is based not only emotional, but also individuals, so the question of potency all the first. Long-term sexual dysfunction lead to neurotic changes, which have the power to lobby.

The potency after 40 years

There is no doubt that age affects the quality and duration of erections in men. I have noticed that in older men, decreased blood flow hormone, testosterone, significantly deteriorating the flexibility of the artery walls, as well as the sensitivity of the nerve endings. However, these natural changes in the organization can lead to erectile dysfunction, if people do not other chronic diseases. Therefore, the experts believe that the main reason of impotence lies in the fact that the presence of another somatic disease.

Reduced potency after 40 years, is almost always associated with the presence of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, or diabetes.

These diseases lead to vascular changes. Decrease the flexibility, the lumen narrows, the needs of the body oxygen, the delivery didn't match each other, and that a lack of oxygen to the organs. So, 40 to 50 years, about half of the men with atherosclerotic changes in the vessels, severely affected the blood flow.

The potency after 40 years

Men after 40 years, characterized by hormonal changes, i.e., decreases the synthesis of testosterone. Earlier it was called male menopause, now uses the term "hypogonadism". Means to decrease the level of androgenic hormones with age. The decreased production of hormone is gradual, even in the elderly, a small number of the bloodstream. In 40 years, about 17% of the men suffer from reduced testosterone levels, which they feel in the form of lower potency.

Signs of impotence in men 40 years of age start to appear, when the testosterone level reaches the lower limit of the normal. But hypogonadism can begin at any age. The specific symptoms of lower male hormone levels do not exist, the manifestations of the individual.

After the 30-year-old, the aging process of men. Signs of decreased production of the hormone may be the following:

  1. Disorders of the urogenital system.
  2. Decreased ability of men to impregnate.
  3. Changes, and the autonomic nervous system, vascular tone: the men, too, feel the tides, the opposite redd brittle, heats up, could be the blood rush, in the upper torso.
  4. There are fluctuations in blood pressure, feelings of lack of air.
  5. The hormonal changes, the affect, or emotional state: the person becomes irritable, fatigue occurs much faster than before, worried about insomnia. A man in a state of hypogonadism prone to depression, decreased performance, deterioration of health.
  6. Hormonal imbalance leads to behavior, such as decrease in muscle mass, visceral obesity and abdominal type of obesity, the skin becomes thinner, atrophies thins hair.

Increased efficiency in men after 40

The men's potency after 45 years you don't succeed. But not all men are exposed to irreversible changes in the body, there are risk groups, which are the hormonal balance, first:

  1. Those people who are in the adolescence was a violation of puberty.
  2. Diseases of the genital organs. It can be both the birth and during puberty.
  3. Surgical intervention in the genital organs, or injury.
  4. Diseases sexually transmitted, who "understand" the testicles.
  5. Chronic pathology of organs. This can be the diabetes, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and unhealthy habits like alcoholism, Smoking.

Men's health, after 40 years, highly exposed to harmful factors. If a man leads a healthy lifestyle, impotence at an early age, is not compromised.

Increased efficiency in men after 40

How to manage the low potency?

Reduced potency after 40 years irreversible phenomenon. But it's still based on the erectile dysfunction causes, treatment. Often hormone replacement therapy, if there are no contraindications. To do this, use the synthetic hormone, the testosterone. The system to treat individually. The drug is administered in the form of injections, patches, pills. The result of the treatment hormones, the increased libido, sexual satisfaction. As observations show, that the men after hormone therapy disappear or decrease psycho-emotional disorders, circulatory disorders. If the testosterone more than a year ago, increases bone density, decreases the occurrence of fractures.

In recent years, the most promising is effective in terms of treatment are phosphodiesterase inhibitors. They are similar to the composition of, and activities on the basis of the individual characteristics of the organism.

Potency after 40 years, rather a consequence of the lifestyle concerning men, the health, instead of the result of aging.