Increased efficiency of the men after 50 years

With age increases the chance that the abnormalities of the genitourinary system that may lead to a decrease in sexual function in men. This is especially true for people older than 50 years.

At this age the body more susceptible to the development of the various diseases, symptoms due to lower life of the body. Therefore, the critical question is how to increase the efficiency of the men after 50.

Erectile dysfunction age


One of the most common diseases of male sexual dysfunction.

According to the statistics, half the people over 50 suffering from such disease. Thus, the older a person is, the greater the probability of the development.

Reduced potency after 50 years due to abnormal changes in the age-specific, which can be observed in the body.

The 45-year-old disorders start to develop faster. For example, the chance of a person's impotence, 40 to 5%, but in the ' 70s, around 20%. This is evidenced by the many studies conducted in the United States.

The reason for the rapid decrease of the potency in men after 50 years is also due to the following factors:

  • Age-related changes in the form of a reduction of muscle tone and elasticity in the cells, tissues.
  • Development of the various diseases.
  • In this form the side effects of the drug, which in this period is increasingly required.

Hormonal changes

According to studies, after 45 years, a reduction of testosterone in the body, due to the less production. The result is an increase in the female hormones.

But this is just one of the reasons of this phenomenon. The other factor is the reduction in the flexibility of the collagen fibers, which form a white layer within the penis.

In addition, there is atrophy of smooth muscle, which is an integral part of the penis.

The replacement of the collagen, the collagen is 3 to 2, the development of erectile dysfunction. Here is caused by reduced flexibility and sensitivity, which are hollow calf.

You need to know! The reduced elasticity may lead to ischemic changes in all smooth muscles, is localized in this region.

The changes in the penis

the change-the-job-sex-members

Other reasons for missing the potency of the men in 50 years, the biochemical, physiological adaptation of the penis. Reduced the level of sensitivity for the mechanical stress due to the reduction in the number of the nerve cells are able to perform the synthesis of nitric oxide.

In addition, there is a deterioration in the cavernous the blood flow. Age is not considered to be one of the causes of reduced potency, it increases the diseases chances of developing the genitourinary system.

Reduce the possible causes of primary hypertension, the presence of which reduces the amount of NO. This substance (nitric oxide) is necessary for the organization to have an erection.

This is due to a decrease in the activity of the enzyme, which is responsible for the synthesis. Other causes of coronary heart disease, the development of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis.

Mental pathology, diabetes

In the category of psychogenic causes, the most important factor, erectile dysfunction, depression. But the likelihood of developing diabetes with age only increases, and depends on the level of sugar in the blood.

When this disease increase the chance of the damage to nerves and small blood vessels to the sex organs. High blood sugar provokes glikozilációs the epithelium, which also reduces the production, NOT the body.

More than half of men over 50 suffer from enlargement of the prostate gland, which is a violation of erectile function. Diseases of this organ are classified as the most common factor that triggers impotence, accordingly, impotence.

Funds impotence

Enhance the potential in old age, we must take into account the resources that are designed to improve the body production of a hormone, the testosterone and increase the blood flow to the genitals to promote erection. However, the use of the doctor by prescribed only in extreme cases due to the short-term effects and the potential addiction.


When a man is present, erectile dysfunction, but does not decrease the sexual desire, the doctors try to prescribe to the patients the use of inhibitors PDE-5. But the downside, short-term effects of the application. These drugs should not be used as the long-term treatment, as these ensure that only the emergency erection.

The main part of an extremely effective medicine helps improve erectile function by increasing the intensity of the circulation. This leads to increased blood pressure levels, severe headaches and other negative effects.

You don't formulate a response that you want to use the natural products and are preferred to synthetic drugs.

Diet supplements

Medicines made from natural ingredients, although little effect, but it is also used to improve the potency in men after 50. But do not eliminate the entire erectile dysfunction. This is because the presence of serious diseases such drugs are powerless.



In addition to using medicine to increase the efficacy of 50 years is necessary in order to stabilize, sleep, nutrition, regularly perform special exercises.

If you don't have severe disease to improve erectile function requires the following simple steps:

  • sports (gymnastics, movement of equipment);
  • visit the massage;
  • adjustment of the diet, the purpose of the diet.


One option is alternative medicine by which you can restore the men to health, after 50 years the acupressure. Purpose the stimulation of the blood flow going to the pelvic area, increase sensitivity in the genitals.

Usually, the procedure is performed by medical specialists in the hospital, but can be done at home, according to the following algorithm:

  • The first 5 minutes is required to grind the lumbar region of the hand.
  • Then, about 10 seconds in a circular motion massage 3 point located in the sacrum.
  • Then hand-knead the legs, then with your fingers mash for approximately 10 seconds to a point located in the center of the leg. The one before the corner, the second pad at the top of the leg.


Another method to raise the potency after 50 – exercise regularly. It is particularly important that he touched the muscles located in the pelvic area can also apply the exercises to change the body production of testosterone, the weight training.

To maintain a toned gluteal hip muscles requires intimate gymnastics. These exercises allow you to regain your erection, normalizes the urinary system health.

This is the goal, the following basic practices:

  1. Sitting on a flat surface to stretch my legs, then step in this situation is sitting in the bottom. Required to perform 3 pieces consisting of 30 such steps.
  2. Permanent 20 leg lifts to the side 3 sets.
  3. The "birch", stay in this position for 3-10 minutes. Finally 3 sets of each.
  4. Constant to inclinations of the parties. Required for slopes of 20 to do all 4 sides of 3 sets.

Healthy eating


In order to enhance male potency in old age you need to adjust your diet. This has a significant impact not only on the hormonal background, but also the circulatory system the blood flow to the General.

This requires that your diet is enough for the following:

  • Zinc include seafood, walnuts, pumpkin seeds.
  • The vitamins of different groups, and the fats are omega-3 and 6 found in fish, vegetables, fruit.
  • Animal protein.

Important! Doses small should be, and the common meal. In this case, it is important to avoid too much eating.

Alternative methods

Furthermore, to apply the different tools and accessories to increase the efficiency to 50 years.

The sense of acupuncture, that in some parts of the body with a special, thin needle, which helps to control the energy flow. Thanks to faster it removes various diseases of the urogenital system.

If to speak about the violations of erectile function, in this case, the needles are placed around the abdomen, back, extremities. Eliminates the problem of erectile function after returning the flow of energy in the correct direction.

To restore men's sexual function can also be used with vacuum pump. For these reasons, the creation of negative pressure inside the device provokes a relaxation of the vessels of the penis, which leads to the filling of the blood.

In this case, a certain period of time will keep the erection is created, which is a narrow ring. This is due to the obstacle which it creates to drain the blood. This tool is not a treatment, but only temporarily allows you to artificially increase the genitals.