Vitamins increase the efficiency of


Problems with potency easily removed, if they are included in the diet of the men vitamins and follow the instructions for their adoption. The question is, which ones actually increase the potency. The modern market is saturated with special preparations, so make the right choice a difficult task.

Below is a look at the best vitamins that can strengthen men's health, to restore or improve potency. The advantage of a specific drug, is a multi-faceted effect on the body. These restore sexual activity, improve health, and fill in the cells with the beneficial trace elements.

Vitamins and minerals — specific substance, which differ in biological activity and play a key role in all of the organs and the organism as a whole. With the lack of useful components, slow down the metabolic processes, which leads to disruption in the functioning of the body, and other serious problems.

In the intimate sphere of useful vitamins, has the following effect:

• Strengthening the immune system;
• Increase the speed of the flow of nerve impulses between the penis and the brain (one the other side);
• Activation of a part of spermatogenesis;
• Reduce blood viscosity, improve its circulation;
• Ensuring that the elasticity of the vascular walls.

Vitamins to improve potency — reliable assistant for men. To improve the intimate part of life, it is important to include in the diet and avoid the lack of mineral elements.

In the case of their lack in the diet can increase the consumption of special products or go another way, — for the purchase of specific spaces in the pharmacies or on the internet.


With a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle power is maintained in old age. But such situations are rare and, in practice, problems with the male energy can occur in young or middle-aged.

Highlight the main reasons:

• The harmful and dangerous habits, alcoholism, Smoking, drug addiction;
• Limited mobility during the day (a sedentary lifestyle);
• Negative environmental situation in the region;
• Diseases in the field of neurology — epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease;
• Private stress and strain;
• Excessive exercise;
• Taking certain medications — diuretics, antidepressants, etc;
• Endocrine diseases;
• Unbalanced diet;
• Hereditary factors;
• Psychological causes — nerves, depression, fears.

Each of these aspects individually or in combination adversely affects the potency. In addition to these reasons, the sexual life affecting disorders in the cardiovascular system, causing the penis fills with blood bad.

Another important factor is the excessive weight that cause the deterioration of morning erections or a big production of healthy hormones. Obesity not only reduces sexual activity, but often leads to diabetes.

A negative impact on a person's strength have diseases of the reproductive system such as prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases. To avoid problems, it is therefore important to carry out checks.



Don't forget that there is no single prescription for success for all people. In any case it will be useful for a particular medication. In one case, the result can bring the simplest of the alphabet, and the other will have to "Gross Hertz" or the more serious complex.

The success of treatment depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. There is not a single, vitamins or trace elements, which would work only on strength, erectile function, or the production of semen.

Male power depends directly on the quality of work of the body. If you choose the right vitamins, it is possible to solve many health problems:

• Strengthening of the heart muscle;
• Ensure the normal functioning of the digestive tract;
• Restore the walls of blood vessels and so on.

All of this is going on the basis of the improvement of sexual function. It is worth remembering, depending on the condition and functioning of the internal organs functioning of the reproductive system, and vice versa.


As mentioned above, often the male body needs a complex of vitamins. To improve sexual organs to restore strength and reproductive function, it is necessary to include in the diet of the following elements:

• TOCOPHEROL (VITAMIN E) — the most important body component that improves blood circulation and creates blood flow into the male sex organ. In addition, - tocopherol, stimulates cell regeneration, acts as antioxidant for the body and regenerates the endocrine glands (especially the pituitary gland). It is responsible for the creation and maturation of sperm.
• ASCORBIC ACID is the element which provides the elasticity of blood vessels, improves blood circulation and provides optimum blood flow in the penis. Ascorbic acid increases the level of testosterone, protects against the occurrence of prostatitis. Regular consumption of vitamin C in the body, helps to strengthen the immune system and the formation of dopamine deficiency, which is manifested frequent colds with reduced efficiency.
• VITAMIN D. it is Also useful for potency men. His presence in the body stimulates the production of sexual hormones and increased attraction to the opposite sex. The greatest disadvantage occurs in the winter, so the intensity of the problems often intensify in this period.
• VITAMIN B is involved in liver protection and promotes the production of hormones. Its operation is designed to help protect the liver, improve tone, and optimize the other functions. Of the greatest importance for the male body are B6 and B12. Their deficiency leads to a decrease in sexual energy and many other problems. In particular, B6 is necessary for normal functioning of the CNS. Equally important is folic acid (B9), the availability of which depends on the human activity and the sustainability of potency.
• Vitamin a provides the immune system, normalizes reproductive function in men.


In addition to these vitamins, the human male body needs trace elements. The most important of them-the zinc, the magics to clear and potassium. For example, when zinc deficiency is a marked reduction in the testosterone levels, reduced libido and impaired strength.

Another important mineral is selenium. Their input ensures the high quality of sperm and increase reproductive function. Selenium is often prescribed for the treatment of infertility and for improving the functioning of the sexual organs. The inclusion in the diet of the examined trace elements allows to avoid problems with male health, and maintain it at a high level. With proper planning diet happens a complete change of the body, — improve the efficiency, but also of the internal organs and systems.

Minor deficiencies in the diet, the normalization of the power that allows you to restore the efficiency of the system in a short time.



To get a result, it is important that men vitamins for power and careful of the dose.

A daily dose of vitamins:

• B1 — 1,5-2,5 mg;
• V3 — 15-25 mg;
• B6 — 2-2,5 mg;
• B9 — 0,2 mg;
• B12 — 2 mg;
• 100-400 mg;
• D — 10 mcg;
• E — 12-30 mg.

Not less important aspect is that the rules for admission. Vitamins and minerals are usually recommended to inside during the meal or after it. Above the daily requirement, which is listed on the packaging, is prohibited. Otherwise, high risk for side effects.

The release of the a form of tocopherol, ascorbic acid and b vitamins In capsules or tablets. They should be swallow whole, without chewing (in the absence of the other recommendations in the instructions for use).

Vitamin D is recommended to drink plenty of water or other fluids. To achieve the results it is recommended that administration of the drugs, therefore their effect is amplified.

Therefore, the maximum demand for the vitamin-mineral complexes, which contains the full set of useful items. When choosing medicines take account of the needs and nuances of the man's body.


With the proper intake of vitamin-mineral complexes, you can't worry about health. There are almost no contraindications and side effects. While taking these drugs, should be abandoned when there is intolerance to one of the elements or certain diseases.

For example, a-tocopherol, it is not advisable for cardio and forbidden for patients who have experienced myocardial infarction.

Taking vitamin is necessary to limit the presence of ulcers in the stomach or the diagnosis of kidney stones. If the reception of the classical vitamins do not work that you want to use special add-ons.

The main danger lies in excessive doses, causing possible side effects — the accelerated formation of kidney stones, blood clots, skin rash, sleep problems and other consequences.

To prevent side effects and to produce the expected result in the restore or improve the potency, should visit a doctor and undergo counselling. In addition, to avoid habituation, it is recommended that the vitamin-mineral complexes of the courses.

With this approach, you can expect a positive result, and no side effects.



To eliminate the deficit of the useful components, people need to know, in what products they contain:

• Tocopherol — sunflower and olive oil, celery, green onions.
• Ascorbic acid — onions, carrots, cabbage (fresh or sour), citrus, parsley.
• B vitamins — dairy products, nuts, fish, garlic, rye bread, tomatoes, corn.
• Vitamin D — eggs (quail and chicken), fish oil, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, butter.
• Zinc — perch, salmon, garlic, shrimp, herring, egg yolk, pumpkin seeds.
• Selenium — seafood, corn, tomatoes, rye bread.

In addition, the men's health useful:

• Oysters improve libido, to trigger the production of testosterone, the extension of the sexual cat. no.
• Saltwater fish (mackerel, plaice) — improve efficiency, increase libido.
• Tail — increases libido, contains useful amino acids.
• Orange and lemon increases the level of testosterone.
• Shellfish and other seafood (brine, shrimp, cancer and other), — an increase in the quantity of semen and testosterone include zinc deficiency, increase virility, improve the production of seeds.
• Quail eggs — improves erection, increases libido.

Also worth, to include in the diet honey, bananas, chocolate, watermelon, avocados, pomegranate, meat, fruit and other products.